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Dana Ellis, an artist based in Crawfordsville IN, has been on a creative journey since taking an art class in a small craft store in 1996. Mostly self taught, her passion for creating art has evolved and taken on many forms. From that first class in ‘96, Dana has been honing her craft.  After the loss of her most precious gift, her son, Shane, she wanted to focus more seriously on becoming an artist. Dana had a desire to paint her son who passed away at 14, that lead her to  a seminar on portrait painting.  That is were she found her true passion.
Dana’s art is inspired by sharing stories of life’s afflictions and her work seeks to encourage healing through art. Painting portraits provides a challenge for her to capture the spirit of her subjects and bring them to life on canvas. Dana’s heart and compassion for others is evident in the work she creates, and her gift for art has become a gift for those who know and love her subjects. 

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