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Teacher Hero's Project

During the 2020 Pandemic there were so many changes for all of the country.  Teachers are one of the true Hero's during this time.   Many trying to teach at home with technology and also teaching their own children and going above and beyond not just because it is their job, but because education and children are there number one priority.  I wanted to honor these hero's and that is how this project came to be. 

If you are a Montgomery County teacher and want to be a part of this project please reach out to me. 

Thanks to all the teacher for going above and beyond during this very trying time.  Your dedication does not go unnoticed!


Meet Carrie Jones

She’s a Hoover Elementary 5th grade teacher!!!!

To Say this has been interesting is an understatement. In the Spring, I was teaching 26 5th graders virtually while teaching my 2nd grader, Kindergartener and Pre-schooler.

My main goal for my students was to keep connected with them. Yes I wanted to continue giving them as much quality education as possible but caring for their mental health became my focus Via Zoon, we played games, did scavenger hunts and just chatted 2 to 3 times a week. I did drive-bys a few times just to see their face and connect with them. It was hard to not finish out the year with them and send them off to middle school but I have kept in contact with several of them as they transitions. My new class has adjusted to this new masked environment incredibly well. Kids are resilient and way more adaptable than us. I am amazed by them daily. This is definitely a moment in history like none other and I've loved being a part of their narrative in the midst.

Meet Cyndi Norman:

She is a K-2 Life Skills Teacher at Hose Elementary

My name is Cindy Cooper!!! I have been teaching special education in Crawfordsville Community School Corporation for the past 28 years. Currently I teach the K-12 life skills classroom at Hose Elementary. Due to the pandemic, I was not able to say goodbye to my second grade students that graduated from my classroom. Unlike other teachers, I get to enjoy these kids for 3 years -I get to watch them blossom and achieve great things. So, not being able to participate in the end-of-the-year activities with her students was very hard for me.


Meet Megan Foster:

I'm a 4th grade teacher at Hoover!!!

It was really hard to leave at the end of March. I felt that I never had closure with my class. The thought of e-learning never crossed my mind, but I definitely grew as a teacher. Being back in the classroom this year is a whole new ballgame, but I am ready for those curveballs because having a class in the class room is where I belong. Am I nervous about this virus? Some days, yes. However being in real time and interacting face-to-face is the best feeling ever. I hope it lasts.


Meet Blair Wade and Tanner Wilson

They Co-teach 3rd grade at Nicholson Elementary!!!

The pandemic has made us get more comfortable with technology. It has made us look at our teaching and see if there are times we could add technology to reach more of our learners. It has been a long road of constant learning, but it has made us better teachers. We feel like now that we’re are back in school, we’re are taking the time to appreciate the little moments with our learners (in real life!)

To be on displayed at the

Carnegie Museum in Crawfordsville, IN  April 8 - December 31

From Slate to Tablet Exhibit!

 Teacher Hero's Project

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